In addition to addtext plugin, these plugins are available as standard:


allows existing text to be moved about and/or have its font or color changed
Also facilitates Rearranging page contents feature.

movetext >


allows an image (BMP, TIFF, RIF or PCX) to be added to the document. Dynamic images may be selected using names (or parts of names) extracted from the data

addimage >


allows a page of a PCL, PDF or PostScript file to be added as an overlay

addfile >


allows text to be converted into any of the common barcode formats including 2-D types

barcode >

Click to expand/collapse hidden textBC39Reader

Reads a Code 3 of 9  barcode, converts it into text and uses it as the value of the field. (No further configuration is required.)

bc39reader >


QRCodeReader extracts the data from a QR Code 2D  barcode and uses this text as the value of the field. (Typically an internet URL; no further configuration is required.)

qrcodereader >

Click to expand/collapse hidden textEvaluate

allows field values to be calculated and pages to be set up dependent on field content using RS/2 programs or expressions

evaluate >

Click to expand/collapse hidden textScript

enables you to embed Javascript configuration string expressions

script >

Appropriate permission codes must be installed for the plugins listed below. They may be purchased from

Click to expand/collapse hidden textBlankOut

covers the field's area on the page with a rectangular patch of white or black. You may choose whether any text this may cover is retained or discarded

blankout >

Click to expand/collapse hidden textDMatrix

Reads a Data Matrix 2D  barcode, converts it into text and uses it as the value of the field.

dmatrix >


An Optical Character Recognition plugin which converts images of characters into true text using Tesseract open source routines

tesseract >

Click to expand/collapse hidden textOCRust

Enables the optical character recognition of dot matrix printer characters

ocrust >

Click to expand/collapse hidden textRocr

Use to set up your own database of recognizable character glyphs

rocr >

New plugins are regularly being developed and RedTitan can provide custom plugins to perform specific tasks: contact RedTitan for more information.