The Log page of the Information (!) button glyphConsole notebook maintains a record of information requested by the user, such as print runs, graphics, text and field details and values.

To display the Log select Console Log Window from the 'View' menu.

The information is added to the Log throughout the session, even if the file supplying the information is closed and another file opened. When an import module outputs messages to the Log page the amber Amber warning (!) triangle button glyphwarning button is displayed.

The Log is cleared automatically on exit from EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE.

To clear the Log manually mid-session, right-click the Log window then select Clear Log from the editing and navigation pop-up menu.
The Notebook window may be re-sized by dragging the window border(s). Scroll-bars are displayed when a page is too big to fit in the window.
Click to expand/collapse this hidden textPop-up menu options

Copy (Ctrl C) selected text to the clipboard.

Select All (Ctrl A) selects all the text on the current page.

Save Log to prompt for a file name and save the whole log.

Clear Log to discard the contents of the log.

Hide the contents of the Log page.

Suppress Output to cause all output from the log to be suppressed until unchecked.

The log is paginated as it is often verbose, so the pop-up menu also contains navigation options:

Page Up (Ctrl u)

Page Down (Ctrl d)

Go to Start of log

Go to End of log

The Abort option to end the program is also a convenient method of terminating excessive output.

Fields information

There are two options from the Fields menu which add information to the Log page:

Show field values field-name and value only, e.g.

Page 2
FIELD1:  non-TXT
FIELD2: 10
FIELD3: 2003/10/05
FIELD5: 03

Tip: "not this page" is put against any fields where the search criteria exclude the current page.

Show field details field-name, field-value, Plugin and some Actions, e.g.

   FIELD1 <none>:  non-TXT
F   FIELD2 <none>: 10
O  FIELD3 <none>: 2003/10/05
 L FIELD5 <none> "{_Month}": 03
   FIELD6 tesseract: 3
F start a new file
O omit page
L write a log record