EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE is capable of reading files in a wide range of formats, including specialist files such as those with non-standard extensions, see Configuring the input format. When a file is open you may just view the layout and print sample pages or you can opt to export all or part of a job to another format.

You may choose whether to show any images or shaded areas on-screen or not: see Handling graphics. If your PCL file contains macros which you cannot see on screen, you can opt to view the macros step by step.

Many PCL printers do not print exactly to the edge of the paper; EscapeE lets you see if any part of the page will not print: see Viewing the unprintable area. The maximum size of page that EscapeE will display is 32760 pixels wide by 32760 pixels high.

The Console notebook brings together the document's technical information: click the Information icon on the Tool-bar (below the title-bar). Each tabbed page focuses on a different aspect of the job: its Properties, Source code, PJL, Log and Error messages. Further tabs are added when Intelligent Document Format files are being created and edited, see About Composite documents and IDF.

The demonstration edition of EscapeE uses Windows TrueType® fonts to emulate the resident printer fonts but the production editions can be supplied with outline fonts which are a better match, see Handling fonts.