EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE can export pages and extract text to a wide range of formats. In addition, the Save Subset... option allows you to cut out a section of a print file and save it for reprinting, including any necessary fonts, macros and environment definitions. This is a useful option when part of a PCL print run has failed; only a sample of the file need be tested and analyzed for problems (e.g. missing fonts).

The layout of the contents of a page may be rearranged at the sweep of a mouse. Clippings may be made and assembled to create new files, see About Composite documents and IDF.

The text on a page may be copied to the Windows clipboard and pasted into other applications, see Extracted text options.

Macros can be extracted from pages and saved. Macros may also be created by outputting page(s) as a macro.

The files for making stylesheets may also be output, see Creating XML stylesheets.